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Folder IT is an international Software Development Company founded in 2000. With Headquarters in Miami, FL (USA) and Development Center with more than 120 software engineers located in Santa Fe (Argentina) we serve customers at US, Latin America and Europe countries. The location for our development center gives us the chance to work at almost the same US EST time zone allowing a easy communication between our team and our customers. From there and for the last 10 years we were working for companies based on different states such as California, Florida, Massachussetts, etc. Our speciality, Staff Augmentation Services is based in the offshore and nearshore software development basis. In this way our software engineers work as part of our customer team, being as their own employees but with a well know company as Folder IT backing them up in quality, performance and commitments. Even when the offshore/nearshore is our business model, we love to go further collaborating with our customers beyond just technical requirements but also helping them with its software scope definitions, technical suggestions, project management techniques, etc. We keep our portfolio always updated to the cutting-edge technologies using state of the art software development techniques applied to Web Development, Mobile Apps working for a cross-market industry as retail, banking, health, government, etc. Some of the latest technologies used over those more than 17 years in the market are Java (JEE, Frontend, Backend, JSF, JBPM, etc), Microsoft .NET (c#, ASP, TFS, SharePoint, Biztalk, etc), PHP (Symphony, Zend, etc.), BlockChain, NoSQL, BigData, RubyOnRails, Javascript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS, Angular.js, Node.js, Vue.js, Vert.X, ReactJS, Android, iOS, Kotlin, SOA, RES, QA Engineers, Team Leads, Project Managers, DevOps teams, Data Migration, Data Science, Salesforce, etc. In summary, we put all our experience to serve our customers looking to increase their satisfaction and considering the quality as the assest that could not be negotiated in any software project.


Desarrollo de software a medida, fábrica de software


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