The “Observatorio Permanente de la Industria de Software y Servicios Informáticos de la Argentina” (Permanent Observatory of the Software and Information Services Industry of Argentina) is a CESSI initiative, partially funded by the “Agencia Nacional de Promoción Científica y Tecnológica” (ANPCyT; The National Agency for Scientific and Technological Promotion) and through FONSOFT, Fondo Fiduciario de promoción de la Industria del Software (Fiduciary Fund for the promotion of the Software Industry). It is  managed by the Chamber's Statistics Commission.

Through OPSSI’s program results, those who access this information can become aware of Argentina’s software and information services sectors current state and evolution with regards to key variables such as billing, exports and employment.  This also opens up the possibility of analyzing the state of the labor market and demonstrating the evolution of wages and the state of the supply of labor. OPSSI also performs a biannual survey inquiring about the SSI sector’s structural aspects such as investment performance, funding sources for financing the development of new markets, quality assurance processes and innovative rhythms.


Formalize activities consistent with the obtaining, gathering, sistematization and analysys of specific information, both of a particular and structural nature that would permit the following:

*Give to the pertaining areas of the Public Sector and to CESSI essential input regarding the stratgic moment of incepcion, design and the the actions of public policy, both domestic and international, and facilitate the decision-making process for companies in the SSI (Software y Servicios de Información) sector with regards to their business and contribute to increasing both domestic and international competitiveness.
*Respond to the particularities of each region which are integrated into the global dynamics of discovery and innovation.
*Construct indicators for the Software and Informatin Services Industry and for the ICT’s Sector with the objective of producing both a cuantitative and qualitative understanding of the sector and to become  a reference point for research in this sector.
*Generate awareness of the benefits of information.
*Consolidate OPSSI (Observatorio Permanente de la Industria del Software y Servicios Informáticos) in the ICTs Sector.


*Estimate the product offer and services of the SSI sector in Argentina, its development and perspectives.
*Estimate Human Resources need for qualified profiles or personnel in the clusters of software development, technological infrastructure, consulting, quality and security.
*Estimate salary levels and their progress/evolution
*Estimate the state, evolution and perspective of the supply of labor in the software and information services market as well as the supply for training.
*Interpret and analyze the base statistical information and provide periodic reports.