History and mission

CESSI stands for “Cámara de Empresas de Software y Servicios Informaticos” and is the chamber of businesses of software and information services.  It is a non-profit organization that gathers together regional businesses and business entities dedicated to the development, production, commercialization and implementation of software and the varying services related to this field within Argentina.

CESSI represents over 1600 companies, of which over 460 are direct partners (national and international) and an additional 1200 are gathered into clusters and member regional entities.  Currently, CESSI makes up more thank 80% of the sector income as well as 80% of the job market.

The Chamber is a member of WITSA (World Information Technology & Services Alliance) and of ALETI (Federación de Entidades de Latinoamérica, El Caribe y España de Tecnologías de la Información).

As such, CESSI is considered to be, by both national and foreign governments, the private sector, academia and international markets, the benchmark in the software and information services industry.


In 1982, during the month of April, the Cámara de Empresas de Software (CES) is created and becomes the sectors first business association to open its doors in our country.  Eight years later on July 30, 1990 as a result of the merge between CES and  CAESCO (Cámara Empresaria de Servicios de Computación), CESSI is  created which brings together large, medium and small companies in the information sector.

Since then, CESSI follows in stride with the evolution and growth of the Argentine and worldwide IT markets.


CESSIs mission is to be a catalyst for the growth and strategic positioning of the Argentine IT industry domestically and in the world, attempting to generate aggregate value, reduce the digital divide and contributing to the development of the nation in its entirety.

Initiatives such as the creation of a permanent observatory for the software and information services industry, also known as Observatorio Permanente de la Industria del Software y Servicios Informáticos (OPPSI), the project for Entrepreneurs Bridge IT and the promotion of the software industry outside of the country under ArgenTina IT Network, has turned CESSI into a primary player in this sectors growth.

Likewise, the Chamber plays a vital role in the development of professionals, thanks to its human resources plan, creative initiatives as well as the creation of a department specifically dedicated to training, from which came one of its most successful projects, namely the Control F Scholarships (Becas Control F).

Moreover, each year awards are given out, specifically the Premios Sadosky a la Inteligencia Argentina Aplicada a las Tecnologías de la Información, which stimulate and honor best practices by professionals and business persons alike.

CESSI's Board of Directors, in conjunction with the system of professionals that make up the Chamber, attempts to create an Argentine aggregate value towards the global scene, to collaborate in the bridging of the digital divide, to help foster the growth and development of society, of business and human life.